Judge jury and executioner are you ready for the police state?

Today it was announced that for “minor transgressions your local constable would be the judge jury and executioner. Judging by how little my local constables know about the law and how very petty they are that makes me feel very uncomfortable.  How about you? Police officers would become prosecutor and judge, dispensing on-the-spot punishments for […]

Is New Zeland getting involved in the illegal and undeclared war in Pakistan?

With the header that “ NZ agents join secret war in Afghanistan” New Zealands involvement with the oil wars has reached a new low. While it is becoming abundantly clear that the coalition of the willing supported president Karzai has engaged in election fraud on  a massive scale and the MoD of the UK has […]

Eight years and counting: 9/11 and the many different “Conspiracy” theories

In the NZ Herald this weekend the predictable all conspiracy theorists are nutty tinfoil head wearers article published to keep the gullible Kiwi from asking simple questions about the events of 9/11 and to keep those who are asking questions ashamed and embarrassed for stepping out of the officially accepted line; that 19 young Saudi […]

‘Afghanisation’ of Afghanistan is the key to beating Taliban and bringing troops home, says Brown

Brilliant! Gordon Brown yesterday issued his strongest hint that British troops will start to quit Afghanistan by the end of next year. In a major shift of strategy, the Prime Minister said a target to train up 134,000 Afghan soldiers will be brought forward by a year to December 2010. He announced that cutting troop […]

Israeli Organ Harvesting

By ALISON WEIR Last week Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing shocking material: testimony and circumstantial evidence indicating that Israelis may have been harvesting internal organs from Palestinian prisoners without consent for many years. Worse yet, some of the information reported in the article suggests that in some instances Palestinians may have been […]

911, National Geographics, Perdue or Mrs. Cintron. Who do you believe?

Yesterday the National Geographic channel aired a new documentary trying to debunk the 911 truth once again. I haven’t seen the whole documentary but as I watched one of the clips on their website I had enough because it was almost laughable. In it an elderly gentleman pointed out that the University of Perdue had […]