Terrorists are training in New Zealand?

This morning stuff.co.nz announced that the house of a Islamic militant was searched. The man claimed that he had been training in and had been asked to become a suicide bomber once. he warned that terrorists are training her in little old New Zealand. Say what?

It may not have registered on you bullshit radar yet but with the announcement that Iran had “SECRETLY” build a nuclear uranium enrichment plant and Obama is not a happy bunny and wants Iran to stop building bblahdiblah diblah, we have arrived in a new phase of a build up for war against Iran.

Nethanjahu wants to bomb Iran and wants the rest of the world to go Yipie when he does it.

Now the problem is that most of the world doesn’t want Israel or the US for that matter to bomb Iran. Apart from the fact that most people don’t see Iran as an imminent threat (they have after all not attacked any country in the last couple of centuries unlike the US or Israel) they also have a keen understanding that if the US or israel were to attack Iran this would mean the start of WWIII. Not a good idea therefore.

Also most countries subscribe to the idea that Iran is complying to the IAEA rules. This is what for example Scott Ritter, the inspector who inspected Irag for weapons of mass destruction, had to say about it.

The short of his lecture on IAEA rules is as follows. A country does not have to announce when and how many Uranium enrichment plants it is building. They only have to tell the world if they are within 6 months of completing the building. The US has known that the enrichment plant was being build and only made a dash for the press when Iran in accordance with the IAEA rules wanted to announce the existence of the plant.

This is not the same as “exposing” a criminal government.

So you see the war mongers have a slight problem. it is illegal to start a war of aggression and although they don;t give a flying fuck about such niceties, it is better to be seen to wage war when everybody around you is steeped in righteous indignation. That is why the events of 911 were so damn handy.

So how to change the perception of the bigger public. In New Zealand this is easy. Far away from the realities of live in the rest of the world cocooned by the mass media and unable to process information only slightly deviating from the prevalent paradigm all you have to do is make the sheeple afraid of the “terrorists”.

And what better way to make them scared of the possibility that terrorists might be active in New Zealand.

This technique is wonderfully simple and works every time. In fact it was Goebels, Hilters PR chef who said:” If you want people to go to war all you have to tell them is that they are being attacked and give them an enemy. The rest will follow.

Brilliant! Now al we have to wait for is the death of some of our gloriously brave soldiers (perhaps have a nice picture painted of just such an event) at the hands of some horrible brown people in Afghanistan and bingo, Bob’s your uncle. No more problems with public opinion if our NWO stooge John Key wants to send in more troops to whatever war Uncle Sam or Israel decide is next.

In every state of the US terrorist plots are discovered at the moment and even Germany has now been warned that a terrorist attack is imminent.

So why attack Iran and why now? Well, the fact that they could not destabilise the Iran government during the elections may have something to do  with it or perhaps more than that perhaps the fact that Ahmadinajad has ordered to drop the dollar and calculate the price of their oil in Euro’s and the fact that Ahmadinajad’s speech may have sounded a tad to reasonable and hopeful about the demise of Capitalism.

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