Bill English and John Key, who’s the staunchest Kiwi and why is it important.

I don’t like Bill English. I think he is arrogant, venal (Like that word), angry, greedy and dishonest.
And while I recognise that he represents but a small group he represents a powerful group.

Yes, dare I say it; the white upper class Anglo Saxon Kiwi male.

And just in case of misunderstanding; does this mean that all white Anglo Saxon males living in the country are arrogant, venal, angry, greedy and dishonest. Of course not. With the exception of people like English and the Crafar brothers, The Talleys and their ilk most of them are hard working good blokes.

But and this is a big “but” he does represent the Kiwi male and that might be a good thing at the moment and that is why I regret that he has done what he has done because it has made his position untenable and don’t the shadowy clique behind John Key know it.

Like Helen Clark, Phil Goff, and dr. Cullen of all people he is very much a staunch Kiwi and if he leaves I fear the changes in New Zealand and our relationship with the worlds power elite will change dramatically for the worse.


At this moment some very important changes are taking place in the geopolitical world. The G20 declared a New World Order and more power for the banking elite through the WMF for example. There is talk of the collapse of the dollar and the war drums are sounding for an attack on Iran and with John Key clowning around on the world stage and his unconditional surrender to the AIPAC run US and Israel he has committed this country to support a possible war with Iran.

Is John Key not a staunch New Zealander you ask?

According to a poster on the Standard John Key has been known to have said that if it wasn’t for him going into politics he would not have come back to New Zealand. Now doesn’t that strike you as strange.

I would have hoped that he would have entered politics because he loved NZ so much he wanted to live here and make it to do better but instead he would never have come back to New Zealand if he hadn’t gone into politics. Hell, even his overseas houses indicate that he has no intention of hanging around after his job here is done.

As an international investment banker based in both New York and London he was at the centre of the power elites wheeling an dealing. He was handpicked by the Federal Reserve of New York for a role as an “advisor” until he left in March 2001 to return to New Zealand to “enter” politics.

Is it conceivable that our Cosby and Textor advised opportunist Kiwi PM has another agenda than protecting New Zealand’s population from economic abuse from his former banking mates just as the whole world is being told that there is now a New World Order ruled by the banks?

I don’t know, but I would feel saver if he was surrounded by people who angry, venal (God I love that word) greedy and dishonest and even solely out of pure self interest wanted to keep New Zealanders for the New Zealanders and not for some shady, offshore banking elite. Don’t you?

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