Remember America? The land of the free?

While most Kiwi’s still think that big brother “Free” America is on the right side of the fight and that we are fighting the terrorist over there so the Americans don’t have to fight it back home and in their scientifically challenged ignorance still believe that three massive steel framed buildings can collapse into their own footprints into a pyroclastic flow of nanoparticled dust the reality that is slowly dawning on most Americans is the fact that freedom is quickly becoming a thing of the past and that the official conspiracy theory is falling apart.

This weekend some people who still had the illusion that they had the right to peacefully engage in demonstrations where left in no uncertainty as to what they are allowed; the right to shut up and fuck off.

With the first ever use of a sonic cannon on American soil designed for crowd control and used so far only in Iraq and the police dressed as soldiers from the death star in Star Wars in full violence mode a new era was heralded in. That of total control over the population by the ruling elite.

Watch here for the first political kidnapping of a demonstrator by the US military recorded on Video:

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