The SAS troops New Zealand send to Afghanistan expressed their fears of going there. That’s nice, we get told this 11 days after they left for Afghanistan. Wish we had listened to them because of all people they know how the situation in Afghanistan really is. It is their job to know. They have friends over there, they read up on the news and they are more motivated to know the situation on the ground. Their lives depend on it after all.

And the situation is bad. If the general leading the war efforts states in a secret rapport that 500.000 troops are needed over five years to “stabilise” the country we have been fighting in for 8 long years he is basically saying; “the war is lost.”

The US and NATO are preparing for the biggest war ever in Afghanistan and there are in addition to the official troops more contractors than troops playing cowboys and Indians without any legal constrictions.

And that spells a lot of trouble for the 70 doomed men we send into that hell hole.

I don’t usually post other peoples opinion pieces simply because they are their opinions and I have my own but as we prepare to bring the inevitable body bags home from Afghanistan I thought that this piece from a US marine veteran was worth posting.


Casualties are mounting in Afghanistan while the situation is rapidly deteriorating from hopeless to a word the English language has yet to create.  Everyone under heaven has told us that fighting in Afghanistan is insane.  Nothing can be won with terrain beyond our technological grasp, porous borders and a civilian population with hundreds of thousands willing to give their lives to convince us to leave.

With no public support at home or anywhere in the world, no support in Afghanistan, a country whose Army has actually gone backwards with billions in supplies and training and Karzai’s open theft of an election, mirroring that of his neighbour in Iran, no situation could be worse.

Our allies are tiring, preparing to cut and run.  They have suffered and scarified as we have and deserve thanks, not the derision we pile on them.  Why do we forget when their children die alongside ours?

Why are we at war?  Is this really the “good war,” the one Bush forgot to fight because of the invasion of Iraq, an attack that, according to international law, was an illegal war of aggression deserving of Nuremburg type trials?  If you feel, in your heart, that it has all been a setup from the beginning, you aren’t alone and are not a “conspiracy theorist.”

With 2 wars started by the 9/11 attacks, is this a rationale for what we are doing now or were they an excuse for military adventure in partnership with oil companies, Israel and greedy arms manufacturers?

If we bought intel on Iraq we knew was false, is everything false?  We know 9/11 was not what we were told.  With the Commission report in tatters and unanswered questions, not theories, but real questions on why our military and intelligence community seemed to have simply taken a day off on 9/11, we can’t trust this as a reason to kill thousands more Americans.

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