Jane Pollicino wants a new investigation into 9/11 too.

When you talk to people in New Zealand about 9/11 one remark is sure to be made. Why bother it happened such a long time ago?

Well, let me give a you a few thousand reasons as to why it is imperative that we have a new investigation into what really happened.

3000 thousand people were killed on that day itself. Not just Americans but people from all over the world including New Zealanders. That means that several thousand families lost a family member, became widows widowers, half orphans, lost uncles, aunties daughters and sons. That means that three thousand families and extended families will never see their loved ones again. There is no closure for them and they still have questions that nobody is prepared to answer. They need to know what happened on that day.

16.000 New York citizens have sought medical assistance for potentially 9/11 related illnesses and many of them are dying. That means that potentially 16.000 families are affected to this day.

42.000 first responders are being monitored for related illnesses and many of them are dying.

Just think of the repercussions. 61.000 people ill, dying or dead all related to the events of 9/11. 61.000  families who are suffering from the aftermath of that day. That day never stopped for them. That day is ongoing and tormenting and they need closure too.

We “the free world” attacked Afghanistan just weeks after the events of that day and in the last eight months registered deaths of Afghans were up 1500 and that is just the ones we know about.

More than a Million Iraqis have died as a result of our attack on their country and that’s the ones we know about.

Thousands of American soldiers have died and tens of thousands have been wounded, have PTSD and will never have normal peaceful lives as a result of the events of that day.

New Zealand just send 70 of their best to Afghanistan and since they will be engaged in close combat the chances are that some of them will come back in body bags. If 9/11 is not what we’ve been told then New Zealand families will loose loved ones for nothing. In fact they will loose loved ones for a lie.

The second remark you hear often is: “The victims and survivors of that day don’t want a new investigation, they want to find closure and get on with their lives.

Well actually they don’t. The majority of the people still trying to come to terms with what happened to their loved ones on that day want an investigation. In fact 80.000 New Yorkers alone want a new investigation. I’ll leave you with Jane Pollicino who is a 9/11 widow. She is part of NYCAN. A New York initiative for a New and Independent investigation and she will tell you how 9/11 is ongoing for her and her family and what she wants and I for one support her whole heartedly.

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