Using new Zealand’s anti nuclear stance to attack Iran starting WWIII

John Key made a speech today in front of the UN. He told the world that we should curb nuclear proliferation.

I agree. Let’s start with the US, France, Israel and let’s follow that with Iran, India and Pakistan.

And let’s get real, let’s acknowledge the fact that we want to rule the world and we don’t want anybody else to challenge that supremacy. Least of all those scary brown Muslim people.

I give it three months before John Key announces that in order to keep the world Nuclear free we have to have American nuclear driven warships in the New Zealand harbours.

Prime Minister John Key will use his first speech to the United Nations to underscore his Government’s commitment to a nuclear-free New Zealand.

In the first speech by a National prime minister to the United Nations General Assembly in nearly 15 years, Mr Key will reaffirm New Zealand’s anti-nuclear credentials and emphasise its determination to keep an independent foreign policy.

It is significant that he is making the speech while on his first official visit to the United States, which has been a fault line in foreign policy between Labour and National for most of the past two decades.

It flared again when Labour opposed the Iraq war while National was still in opposition. But Mr Key drew a line in the sand before the last election by promising his commitment to a nuclear-free New Zealand and an independent foreign policy.

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