Meet John Key: our New World Order stooge or are you ready for WWIII

We might as well start sprinkling Depleted Uranium dust on our breakfast cereals from now on and save them the bother.

If you had any doubt that once again New Zealand is the property of the shady banking world ruling our planet and that we for all intends and purposes call the New World Order you can rest assured now.

With John Key joining the walk out yesterday just hours after meeting Netanjahu and cajoled along with another meeting of the NWO sock puppet president Obama  when Ahmadinajad made his speech before the UN he firmly made his stance and it’s not good.

While known in New Zealand for his slippery and non committal answers he left no doubt about his political allegiance when he stood up and walked out.

He said loud and clear: When and that is a very loud when and not an if, Israel and the US start bombing Iran, New Zealand will be on their side. That means you and me ladies and gentlemenand more of our sonns and daughters of to slaughter.

Gallipoli here we come once again to sacrifice our finest on the beaches of some godforsaken sand dune somewhere far away for the profit of a few rich bastards while those poor bastards are believing they are doing the honourable thing.

And while John Key committed this country to his masters our media spun this step towards our new feudal  slavery as a righteous move because Ahmadinajad’s speech was “hateful” before quickly returning to their mainstream drivel about celebrities and cats in duct tape.

Wish they had translated the speech in full so we could make up our own minds because while John Key gave this country away to his banking masters to loot and involve in their destructive, genocidal wars we would have understood why apart from those mostly Anglo Saxon countries joining the walk out, all the other nations stayed and listened to what Ahmadinajad really had to say.

No wonder that the NWO wants to blow Ahmadinajad and Iran to kingdom come. A message against greed and for spiritual awareness and common humanity. God forbid, we might actually try to live as free, loving, sharing, aware human beings instead of dumbed down, obedient sheeple.

4 thoughts on “Meet John Key: our New World Order stooge or are you ready for WWIII

  1. I read recently that there has been a “prepare for war” order issued inside the Pentagon, referring to an attack on Iran by Israel. Don’t recall the source, sorry.

  2. Shocking English (I don’t believe for one minute that Keynes wrote “the most wickedest”) but great sentiment, couldn’t agree more.

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