A UN Security Council resolution on nuclear non-proliferation is historic and significant, Prime Minister John Key says.

I am waiting for the big BUT here. I’m guessing it won’t be too long before we will invite the nuclear powered US war ships. I give it about three months.

With the leaking of the real war agenda and the need for not 45.000 soldiers but 500.000 to conquer Afghanistan and Pakistan and than some more to bomb Iran back to the stone age we are looking at a full scale world war it has become clear that our involvement with the war has to grow if we want to stay in America’s and Israel’s good books.

With the Economic collapse of the biggest empire ever and make no mistake we are very much a part of that and the billions of (carbon) tax the banking elite wants to extract from the great unwashed (that’s the rest of us) popular unrest will grow. Will it grow here to?

Well, considering rise in unemployment and the rise in strikes my guess is yep, it will.

So what does that mean for the ruling elite? It means that they feel threatened.

And what do ruling elites do when they feel threatened? They become violent.

What does that have to do with New Zealand and our pending invitation to the US to bring their war ships here? It means that the worlds ruling elite has access to their  weaponry.
That means that they have instant control over New Zealand’s not unimportant resources and that we instantly become surplus to requirement. Much like the Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iranians. Or whatever oil rich, resource rich countries you can think of. Somalia,Sudan, Uganda, you name it, we are it.

That means that if you think that you can do peaceful protesting protecting happy valley and other nature reserves and think that you are protesting our government you should think again because from that moment on you will be protesting John Key’s international banking and military industrial complex buddies.

You know the ones using robot planes to shoot up Afghan villages. That’s right those planes that are stationed on the warships John Key is going to invite to New Zealand.

And if you think that the ruling Anglo Saxon elite will spare you because you happen to be Anglo Saxon or white or whatever, think again. Think 911.

You are, to them, no more than a lamb for slaughter.

Welcome to the New World Order End Game.

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