Pride, prejudice or justice: you choose

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend. He blurted out, ” Your blog sucks and I want your container gone this week, if you please. Oh, and by the way your blog is all twaddle and rubbish and get a real job.

Well that sorted my day out real quick. What the hell did I write that was so bad as to provoke this reaction from someone I considered to be a friend?

He called back about an hour later to explain to my husband what had been my sin.

It turns out to be a post from some days ago about our (kiwi) involvement in the war in Afghanistan. I had temerity to mention that Anzac was a celebration instead of a commemoration and had so he told us insulted the entire New Zealand population because of this.

So in order to do penance I decided to google Anzac day and find out what is so important about that day that it got my friend into such a state.

I found some very interesting information as to the origin and the importance of that day for New Zealand and its population.

Anzac day was first held in 1916. it was in commemoration of the battle of Gallipoli in which more than one quarter of the New Zealand troops stationed there died in a battle that was lost and that had little or no impact on the war. How sad and what a waste of young, brave and honourable lives.

According to the site the New Zealand people never the less had great pride in the sacrifice of their young men in the service of King and England and the day itself has the added significance of being an important marker of New Zealand’s identity. The day itself and the perception has changed over the years and even on the website dedicated to the day it states that for the younger people the celebratory element of the day is more important than the actual commemoration in the morning.

Added to my blatant disrespect for Anzac day was the fact that I had dared to talk about it while being a foreigner. This according to my friend was abuse, and I should stop blogging forthwith because I would not be able to live were I live if this scandalous disregard for the Kiwi soul became known.

I realise that Anzac day it is a day on which New Zealanders commemorate their war dead and their sacrifice and as such not a celebration but the site clearly stated that after the initial commemorative service the day is indeed also a celebration. As such it is different to the two days we in Holland devote to the WW II per year.

On one which we do not celebrate anything but spend the day in memory of those we lost and the second day to celebrate our liberty and the end of the war.

So if I insulted anyone by calling the day a celebration than I apologise because it is not my intention to insult anyone . I stand however by the post I made as it was a impassioned plea not to send New Zealand troops to the morally reprehensible and lost war that is the war in Afghanistan.

Today John Key announced that some 70 SAS troops were in Afghanistan. The last three months the number of soldiers killed in action has risen dramatically and the war is all but lost in the country were empires go to die.

I pray that the next Anzac day does not have the names of new Zealand soldiers killed in Afghanistan added to the long list of the dead in the year to come.

The war in Afghanistan is a war crime and morally reprehensible and lost. How sad it would be if more brave young New Zealanders died for absolutely nothing but the gain of a small rich elite group of bastards who have no need for honour, bravery or sacrifice.

To A. I apologise for any hurt I have caused you because I never set out to do so but this is my blog and on this blog I express my views about the wars and about political events and I have that right.

New Zealand is a free country and there is freedom of opinion and speech. You may not agree with me and I whole heartedly support you right to express your views but you can not tell me what I can or can not say.

The blog allows comments and as such feel free to express your views here or on another note feel free to ignore the blog. There are hundreds of blogs in New Zealand and I’m sure that there is one were you will feel right at home.

2 thoughts on “Pride, prejudice or justice: you choose

  1. Well said, Free speech rules and NZ needs to get out of the illegal barbaric wars we find ourselves in.

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