PM given no-torture promise

That’s alright then. We have just received a promise that the Afghan government will not torture prisoners if we hand them over to the authorities.

The most corrupt president who just stole the election and whose brother is the biggest dope dealer and who runs a police force that is the scourge of the local population in its brutal, corrupt and medieval  law enforcement promised our local yokel PM that they will play nice with their prisoners. That makes me feel a whole lot better.

Prime Minister John Key received promises from the Afghan Government that prisoners handed over by Kiwi troops will not be tortured, before a detachment of 71 Special Air Service soldiers headed there for combat.

The assurance follows claims that prisoners caught by Kiwi SAS troops in 2002 were mistreated after being handed to the Americans, who have since ceded control to the Afghan Government itself accused of torture and atrocities.

“I’ve received verbal assurances from the Afghan Government that anyone that we hand over will be treated humanely and under the Geneva Convention. There’s a very clear understanding …” Mr Key said yesterday.

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