English shouldn’t get a cent

Just in case you feel that I as a foreigner should not attack the kiwi finance minister let’s see what a respected political editor has to say about Bill English’s antics.

This one is by Duncan Garner

Bill English should cut the pretence. He doesn’t live in Dipton and hasn’t for more than a decade.

He and his family made a choice to be together in Wellington in the 90s. They made the decision for family and personal reasons. The English’s wanted to be together – and they knew their Dad’s work was going to have him in Wellington for years to come. They wanted to be a family. It’s old fashioned and honourable. Good on you.

They have a house in the capital, the kids go to the school there, two of them are enrolled to vote in Wellington Central and his wife is a G.P. in the city.

And until last month Bill English claimed $950 a week to live in his own house. He now claims half that, the same as an ordinary MP – about $24,000. He paid back $14,000 because he thought it was a ‘bad look’. You’re not kidding.

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