Woher kamen die Prostituierten für die US-Wachleute?

While your average and not so average Kiwi (Iprent, the webmaster of the Standard comes to mind) still thinks that the war in Afghanistan is the “good” war and that we should have a presence there, more and more bad news comes to the surface.

The title of this post translates as; Where did the prostitutes for the guards come from?

It appears that the only way you could get a promotion at the US embassy in Kabul was to partake in orgies.
This did not only involve US army personnel but also private contractors.

Is this a case of some bad apples? Well, if sex slave trade perpetrated by Dynacorp is anything to go by apparently not. War brings out the deviant in human beings so I am not surprised. The war in Vietnam showed that prostitution and drug use were rampant there too and the Nazi camps were rife with sexual harassment and torture same as in Afghanistan.

And while we are talking about private contractors lets mention some other facts.

  • Blackwater and co were involved in assassination teams in amongst others Afghanistan.
  • Erik Prins its Catholic owner stands accused of murder and is currently under investigation.  He seems to feel that he is a crusader against the infidels and that we should kill as many of them as possible.
  • The majority of foreigners in Afghanistan are contractors. They are not supervised or governed by military law.
  • Contractors went out on military missions dressed as locals.
  • It came out this week that some of the money to fund the rebuilding the war is given to the local war lords “Taliban” to keep killing business ticking over.

Yesterday it was announced that 90 people, some of whom were “Taliban” but a lot of them innocent civilians were bombed to kingdom come.

I don’t think we should spend even a thought about a continued presence in Afghanistan. But hey, that would mean having some integrity and as Blip commends at the Standard that would be to much to ask from the current government.

Besides our boys are having so much fun over there wouldn’t it just break your heart to bring them home?

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