911, National Geographics, Perdue or Mrs. Cintron. Who do you believe?

Yesterday the National Geographic channel aired a new documentary trying to debunk the 911 truth once again. I haven’t seen the whole documentary but as I watched one of the clips on their website I had enough because it was almost laughable. In it an elderly gentleman pointed out that the University of Perdue had made a computer animation based on engineering data that showed without a shadow of a doubt that two planes were enough to collapse two buildings into a pyroclastic flow into their own footprint.

I just could not believe the stupidity of the clip. Why?

They used a still of the hole made by the plane which clearly showed the tiny silhouette of Edna Cintron holding on to one of the steel girders supposedly to hot to touch and on the verge of total disintegration.


How dumb is that?

For those of you not familiar with Edna Cintron and the meaning she has for the 911 truth movement have a look at this video clip.

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