Afghanistan, big business and Profits über Alles!

Every year New Zealand and Australia celebrate Anzac day, a proud celebration of their participation in overseas battles and of all things military.

In Holland on the fourth of May we grief for our war dead and on the fifth of May we celebrate our liberation. We don’t celebrate our participation in overseas wars and we don’t feel the need to honour all things military. My parents generation survived the war and they knew full well that there is nothing honourable about it.

War is about profit for a few and death and mayhem for those caught in the exercise.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are no exception. The outcome as usual will be decided by who makes the profits in these wars. And they are raking it in so they’re not gonna stop any time soon.

Apart from that the worlds economy is going down big time and our ruling elite wants our eyes firmly fixed on something other than them while they are doing their wheeling and dealing. They want our eyes fixed on the phoney war on terror while the privatise and loot and steal us blind.

And as long as we buy the honour crap, the we need to stand against the Taliban crap, the we are there to help the poor Afghan population, the women, the guy who had his nose chopped of because he tried to vote and all the other baloney they will keep on raking it in while young men and poor saps caught in the cross fire of all the parties financed and kept in weapons by the military industrial complex die in a war that was lost the day it started.

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan, big business and Profits über Alles!

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