An era ends as Japan’s LDP is swept from power

Now this is interesting. Apart from the fact that a political shift of this magnitude is always interesting it also brings into power the party to which Yukihisa Fujita belongs. I have met and spoken with Yuki as he is known in the truth movement made history when he confronted the Foreign Policy and Defense Committee of the Japanese Diet, House of Councillors in January 2008 about his doubts about the official US government conspiracy theory relating to the events of 911.

It will be interesting to see what will happen next and if the new government will investigate the events anew.

It was a victory of unprecedented proportions for the party led by Yukio Hatoyama. No other party in Japanese political history has ever doubled its representation in the Diet. The DPJ almost tripled the number of seats it held when Prime Minister Taro Aso dissolved the lower house on 20 July. Despite bad weather caused by an approaching typhoon, voter turnout had been projected at 70 per cent.

Gerald Curtis of Columbia University, an expert on Japanese politics, said: “There aren’t many junctures in Japan’s post-war politics when you can say, ‘That was a day that history changed.’ Today was such a day.”

Mr Aso told reporters he would resign as party president to take responsibility for the LDP’s drubbing and schedule a party leadership election.

The LDP’s failure to find a solution to Japan’s protracted economic woes was the strongest reason for the unprecedented humiliation the party suffered. “Nothing will ever change under the LDP,” said Ami Nitano, 20, voting for the first time in her Chiba constituency north of Tokyo, explaining why she voted DPJ.

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