Obama, the change that never came and equal opportunity caricatures.

As the people of the US are rapidly finding out there is no difference between the Obama Government and the Bush Government. The people behind the two pupets remain the same and the wars keep on raging. The banksters are getting bail out after bailout and the promised health care changes are turning out to be a total sham.

Needless to say than that the people who voted for change are getting somewhat irritable.

And as angry citizens are wont to do they make their opinion heard and seen. One of such opinions is that thousands of people thinking that Obama is like the Joker and in good democratic fashion they make that opinion known.

So without further ado I give you Obama the Joker.

It comes with subtitles such as Socialism, New World Order, Infowars.com and it looks like this:


The mass media has a hard time getting rid of it and has decided that stigmatising the people who spread this poster as Rightwing, racist rednecks was the way to go. So those same people who are spreading this poster have now come up with a new poster to show that the New World Order puppets from the left and the right are just the same face of the the powers that be they came up with this one:


So just in case you’re wondering: we are equal opportunity poster spreaders. They are just a different face on the same global elite who want us to believe that there is still a Democracy in the US.

I can’t wait for someone to do one on John Key. Anyone out there game enough?

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