Missing ‘ghost ship’ Arctic Sea spotted off Cape Verde

Now isn’t that interesting? The Russian ship which has been missing since 4 August 2009 has been found back near the Cape Verde Islands. What happened to this ship and why there?

The cargo ship that mysteriously disappeared off the English Channel has been found 400 miles off the coast of the African nation Cape Verde, the French Defence Ministry said tonight.

Earlier today rumours that the ship had been spotted off the West African nation had been reported but unconfirmed.

However this afternoon the AFP, quoting a coastguard, is claiming that the ship has been found 400 miles off the coast of the former Portuguese colony.


Found: The Arctic Sea, which had disappeared off the English Channel, has been spotted off West Africa

‘The Arctic Sea is some 400 nautical miles off one of the islands of Cape Verde, therefore outside its territorial waters,’ a Cape Verde coastguard official told the AFP news agency.

French officials also said they had found a ship resembling the missing Arctic Sea near the Cape Verde islands, according to Defence Ministry spokesman Capt. Jerome Baroe.

He said details had been relayed to Russian and Maltese authorities.

Russia’s ambassador to Cape Verde said a Russian naval frigate was headed to the area.

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