John Key talks about “explosive” devices put together for 9/11

Hello? Did people put “explosive devices” together for 9/11? And they came from Afghanistan?

Either John Key is the worst informed prime minister ever or he knows something we don’t.

According to the official Conspiracy theory 19 Saoudi Arabs (About a continent away from Afghanistan) under te leadership of a scion of a super rich Saudi Arab family who at the time, so we were told lived in a cave in Afghanistan, hijacked four big planes and flew them un assisted by explosive devices into three buildings. Two in New York and one in Washington.
Three buildings consequently collapsed into a never before recorded event into their own footprint in a pyroclastic dust as a result of two planes crashing into the twin towers and a plane evaporated while crashing into the Pentagon.

No explosives were used whatsoever. To even suggest this, we are told, is the domain of “Conspiracy theorists”.

So if no Afghanistani’s were involved in the attacks of 9/11 and by the way nor were they involved in the attacks in London and why are we sending murderous thugs to kill Afghani’s. Because let’s face it that is what SAS troops are. They are not your average friendly Kiwi but they are trained snipers and they specially trained to take part in secret violent missions.

So since when is it OK to kill of an entire population for a crime alledgedly organised (for which he is not even on the FBI most wanted list because “they have no proof” of his involvement) by a foreigner who just alledgedly (No proof was ever delivered for this either)happened to be in their country at the time a crime is committed by other people who are not from that country either?

2 thoughts on “John Key talks about “explosive” devices put together for 9/11

  1. John will probably end up with a nice quishy job at the U.N when he leaves office – or maybe the Fed – people are on to you Johnny boy – you should go back to New york and work at the Fed again – maybe you could pretend to some more people that it is not a privately owned banking cartel that controls the issue of currency – the sooner you go the better – In 10-20 years you will be finally acknowledged for the phoney globalist you are! when the debt builds up and the media stop singing your tune – my only fear is that John Key is so tight with the SIS and CIA that i will get myself into trouble – after all thanks to John they tap phones and spy on people 24/7 – but bring it on!

  2. according to the John key dictionary ‘explosive devices’ means jetliners and ‘put together’ means flew – very easy to see how the two terms could be confused! – John key has the interests of the U.S bankers at heart not the kiwi population – he is a fan of pushing spying and surveillance laws through parliament in ‘urgency’ and borrowing large amounts of money, he is also a fan of regulating everything – we need to get rid of this phoney – NZ people will vote for who gives them the most $ back in their pocket – they don’t care that the national government borrows up to the hilt to get us there!

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