Hunger hits Detroit’s middle class

Just in case you thought I was kidding about the grinding and progressive poverty the US citizens are experiencing her are some links to articles you might want to read.

This is an interview with Max Keiser about the collapse of the labour market. It turns out that if you are not looking for a job, for example because you are homeless and you can’t get passed the credit checks and you’re sole reason for getting up out of your tent in the morning is because you need a piss and they’re sharing out the one breakfast roll you’re going to eat for then next two days you’re no longer unemployed and therefor not counted. You are lost in the statistics.

Detroit, once the biggest money spinner and wealth creator and the supporter of blue collar middleclass America has collapsed to the point were people are leaving in droves and were houses and gardens are empty people have started to grow their own food again.

While the Americans are told that the economy is revving up again more and more people are finding out that they have joined the fast growing group of the working poor. Some 30% of all families need food stamp support while one or both parents are working full time.

While more and more people are losing their jobs and homes to the crisis caused by the bankster and end up on the street the Authorities are trying to find ways of dealing with the dispossessed in truly American fashion. Just declare homelessness a crime and the problem will go away.

And the richest 1% just keeps getting richer.

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