Ground Zero First Responder John McNamara Dies Of Cancer

Today is the 11th of August. Around the world thousands of people will do what they do every month on this day. They will walk the streets and share DVD’s and flyers with all who’ll take them.

These DVD’s and flyers will try to educate people about the events of 911. They will try to explain why steelframed buildings can not collapse into a pyroclastic flow of dust into their own footprint. They will try to explain that the official explanation is impossible and at best a “Conspiracy theory”.

They do so because they want a new investigation of what really happened on that day. How it was possible that the best army in the world  stood down for more than 2 hours while 19 Saudi Arabians allegedly flew four Boeings to their destruction in the most protected areas in the world.

Many members of families hurt in the attacks call out for a new investigation too.

If like me you have questions about what really transpired on that day and you find that around you people say get on with your life, 911 happened 8 years ago, think of this:

Today 70.000 people like John McNamara are sick and dying because they trieds to help on that day. The breathed in those buildings and they might as well have died that day because There is no way they can survive the toxic dust in their bodies.

That’s right, It wasn’t 3000 people who died that day it was 73.000 people who were sentenced to death.

Not only that, hundreds of thousands of people have died in Afghanistan and Iraq because of the events of 911 and yesterday the National government decided to send 70 more young New Zealanders into the quagmire that is the war in Afghanistan and we’ve been told that we need to be there another 5 years minimum.

What’s more we are told that the "reconstruction" team will be dismanteled while the killers are being send in. At least we are now coming clean as to why we’re involved in the brutal occupation of the Afghan people. We’re there not ot rebuild but to oppress. We are there not to help the Afghans but to help the biggest empire ever to steal their resources.

While you ponder this why not listen to the heroes of 911 as they tell you of the betrayal foisted upon them by the US government.

For more interviews click here. One of the interviewees is John McNamara.

Ladies and Gentlemen when will New Zealand say we have had enough?

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