John Key and the New World Order takeover of New Zealand

The New World Order of course is an old world order. It is the same old group of people who are involved. The international banking elite, the European Aristocracy and their ever changing minions and one of them of course is our own bankster Prime Minister John Key.

Hand picked by the Federal Reserve with courses in how to take over a country make more money for bankers  at Harvard University and an “advisory” role in a committee during his tenure as a Foreign exchange and Derivatives CEO for Merrill Lynch it was inevitable that one day he would show his true colours.

So when Helen Clark stated that John Key would be visiting Wall Street New York in a couple of weeks I became very curious especially since it wasn’t announced on the government websites and I would have thought that John Key would be trying to keep us the punters who voted him in informed about his political goings about.

So I did a bit of Googling and what did I find? Well, John Key is not going to meet with Politicians which I find kind of strange as he is the Prime Minister of New Zealand and as such should be meeting with other politicians when travelling abroad on “Business”.

It turns out that John Key is indeed going about business and it turns out not to be political business but Business as usual; he will be doing his previous Banking business that is to say meeting and greeting his banking mates.

While in New York John Key will be delivering his first speech in the US. not to politicians but to business people and bankers. He will do so in the University club of New York. This club is the most elite business club in New York and has amongst it’s members such elite members as David Rockefeller to name one.

The club, a nine floor building in the most expensive area of Manhattan has over 90 luxury rooms for members to stay at when in New York with full luxury hotel service and is host to the most wealthy  members of society.

I don’t know how long John Key is going to New York but what are the chances he is going to meet with a lot of business people in one of those secretive hotel rooms you reckon?

And who will those people be? I’ll bet you 10 bucks it’s going to be with those who sponsored the trip.

So who is sponsoring the trip to New York you ask? Well it’s not the taxpaying mugs who voted him in as PM.

In fact it’s the people who own his ass. Who are the people owning his ass you ask?

How about


I guess meeting with politicians to talk about policies is just a water of time really if you can get your orders straight from your shadow government bosses.

3 thoughts on “John Key and the New World Order takeover of New Zealand

  1. yes dumbing down new generations.. it has been like this since the eighties,, and getting worse. When they dropped the cane and strap at schools. google topic, NWO, john keys history in jobs, the FED, The Jews ,,oh and jOnkEy is a Jew too. tell freinds and family to look it up and get educated and find out the real truth. Thats if you can get them away from their big flat screen TVs , Iphone,ipad , sky tv, rugby and leage. just some main destractions to keep the sheeple amuzed and not complain. or even think about what is really going on in there world

    • I have approved this comment under caution. I strongly disapprove of all encompassing terms such as “the Jews”. This blog will allow the political discussion of Zionism and Israel but anti-Semitism is out!

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