Will John Key meet with his former banking buddies at the Federal Reserve of New York

According to Helen Clark, John Key will be visiting New York. Why would John Key be visiting his old haunt? Wouldn’t Washington be more appropriate as he is no longer a banker but a prime minister of a country?
Is it to meet just with Helen or does he visit New York to meet with his former banking mates and if so why?

Eight months on from Labour’s election loss, former prime minister Helen Clark has no regrets and she rejects suggestions that Labour alienated voters by pushing through measures such as the child discipline bill.

Now in New York as head of the United Nations Development Programme, Miss Clark has also revealed unease at the National Government’s direction on climate change and says its scrapping of her flagship sustainability agenda was motivated by sheer vindictiveness.

Her worry now is that going too far in the opposite direction will hurt New Zealand’s international brand and prospects.

“If it’s not at government level, then at the consumer level you run into resistance. Protecting the brand image of your country as clean and green is critical; critical for tourism, critical for our food exports, for industry, for exports.

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