Secret map reveals Taliban threat to Afghan authority

With the news that three “special forces” members of a newly formed Assassin “special” group were killed in the news this morning in the UK it is becoming increasingly clear that the honest and righteous war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly more lurid and oppressive to the Afghan population.


Because the Western alliance is losing the war and with that the grip on Afghans resources and the Caspian basins treasures. Do we want New Zealand involved in a war crime of massive proportions? A war fought solely to keep the American hegemony and its worthless currency propped up?

Almost half of Afghanistan is at a high risk of attack by the Taliban and other insurgents, or is under “enemy control”, according to a secret Afghan government map that paints a dire security picture before presidential elections.

The threat assessment map shows 133 of Afghanistan’s 356 districts are regarded as high-risk areas with at least 13 under “enemy control”.

The map – which bears the logos of the Interior Ministry and the army as well as the United Nations Department of Safety and Security – was produced in April, before an escalation of the violence.

It shows virtually the entire south of the country under extreme risk of attack, a vast swathe stretching from Farah in the west through Helmand province in the south and east towards provinces such as Paktia and Nangarhar near the Pakistan border.

The Taliban have vowed to disrupt the poll on August 20 and have called on Afghans to boycott the vote. Their traditional strongholds have been in the south and east but their influence has steadily spread to the west and north, even to the outskirts of Kabul. It shows at-risk areas on three sides of the capital.

In an attack demonstrating their new reach, Islamist insurgents fired up to nine rockets into the capital early on Tuesday, the first attack of its kind in several years.

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