Mounting popular opposition to the war in Afghanistan

And so it should be.

A series of recent polls have shown growing popular opposition in Europe to the US-NATO war in Afghanistan.

One recent poll puts opposition in Germany to the presence of German troops in Afghanistan at 85 percent. The latest poll in France shows 55 percent opposed to the war and in favor of the immediate withdrawal of French soldiers.

In Britain, according to the latest ComRes poll, more than half of the people (52 percent) want troops to be withdrawn straight away, while some 64 percent say British forces should be removed “as quickly as possible.”

Former British Foreign Office minister Kim Howells recently warned that the tide was definitively turning against the war. “I don’t think the public are up for it anymore,” he told the BBC.

Similarly, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said last month in an interview: “After the Iraq experience, nobody is prepared to have a long slog where it is not apparent we are making headway. The troops are tired; the American people are pretty tired.”

Popular anti-war sentiment, however, finds no expression in the policies of governments or, for that matter, those of opposition parties within the bourgeois political establishment.

The US and European governments are making clear that their military intervention in the war-torn land is open-ended. Within the framework of official politics and the media, they are being criticized by their political opponents for not pursuing the war with sufficient ruthlessness.

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