Union fury as civil service outsources jobs to India

Again this is the UK but since we reinstalled the British colonial honour system and we all swear allegiance to the English Queen how long before it happens here?

So you finally bought your counsil house with a mortgage stinking to high heaven of bubbled value. You work your asses of and the counsil has just announced that you have to pay a hundy more in council tax because you can see a minute piece of park from the spare room you never use and still you think I’m a civil servant thank god I’ll keep my job during this recession and then, one fine afternoon the council announces that in order to save you money they will outsource your job to India. Welcome to the globalisation nightmare.

More than 100 jobs at the British Council are to be outsourced to India as part of a massive cost-cutting drive to save the taxpayer money, The Times has learnt.

The decision to recruit local Indian workers to fill finance and IT posts has infuriated unions, who fear that this could be the blueprint for Whitehall.

It is believed to be the first time that the Civil Service or a quango has directly exported jobs to save costs. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which funds the British Council, is exploring similar options. A spokesman said that administrative jobs could be carried out by local staff in regional hubs overseas.

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