Kennedy, 9/11 connecting the dots.

When you tell people that the collapse of the three WTC buildings due to the impact of two planes is scientifically impossible some of them (not as many as there used to be) start to smirk and tell you you’re a nutter and that you probably believe that the US army has aliens in whatsjamacallit 51, Yo probably don’t believe in the moon landings, deny the Holocaust and that Kennedy wasn’t murdered by Oswald.

To clear things up:

  1. Approc. 60 million  people died in WWII and of those some 6 million were murdered because they were Jewish. People were murdered because they were gay, Gipsy, anarchist, menatlly “inferior” and numerous other reasons. Nut it is undeniably true that some 6 million human beings were murdered because they were Jewish. I grew up in post war Europe and i lived with the stories of the surviving Jews and assorted other vicitims. I have no need to declare the Holocaust a lie.
  2. I haven’t got a clue about thingy 51. I have never spend time on it and unless I see an alien enter my living room I have no reason to go there.
  3. I watched the black and White pictures of the moon landings as a child and have never doubted the official story so far. Until something really pressing direct my attention there I suspect it will happily linger in the back of my mind as an exiting childhood memory.
  4. At the time of the assassination of President Kennedy I was 5.5 years old and it was the first day we had our own black and white TV. Needless to say the events made a deep impression on me.  It wasn’t until well after the film and all the hullabaloo that something really pressing directed my attention to it.
  5. Only six months ago I watched old footage of the Dallas parade. It was a video on you tube showing the exact moment that the body guard protesting the President from behind was called of the limousine. His consternation at this illogical command was clear and that was what finally made me go back there.
    Watch the video:

    The thing that makes me not want to deny that the Kennedy murder ties in with deep politics and the Shadow government is the fact that all of us in the near future are going to suffer from the financial collapse and the willfull shut down of the US economy by the same people linked to the Kennedy assassination and that it is time we face up to that. The assassination itself may be in the past but the ripple effect endures.

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