Shooting second incident where taser unavailable

No, no government would ever tell the police to shoot a member of the public to make a point.
Now, that would be a conspiracy theory. And the idea that the police would shoot a prominent and successful Maori to make a point in favour of giving the taser to you average police thug is even more preposterous however the two incidents in which the police had to fly or narrowly missed to fly in a “certified taser professional” were both Maori and both threatening Police officers with either sticks or knifes. It struck me as strange that a man of not to powerful built wielding a Chinese knife and something wrapped in a t-shirt would be shot point blank in the chest. But now I understand.

There will be a howl of indignation. Why did they do that. If they had had a taser it would all be ended now and nobody would be hurt.

Remember if you give a powerful weapon that leaves no marks to a thug you create a monster. Remember that.

The police shooting of a man in Auckland armed with knives and a meat cleaver was the second incident this month where a taser was not available.

Actor Rob Mokaraka was shot by police yesterday after reportedly threatening them with knives and a meat cleaver.

The 36-year-old was shot by police about 1pm outside his Pt Chevalier home after he advanced on them carrying the weapons.

Surgeons spent three hours removing a bullet from his chest and was reported to be in a serious but stable condition this morning.

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