NYCAN: New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

To most New Zealanders the events of 911 are firmly placed in the past. Two Kiwis died in the attacks but they are forgotten and accepted as victims of 19 crazed Arab hijackers who flew three planes in to the twin towers and the Pentagon and the third was heroically stopped from flying into the White house.

This is not so however for the majority of the New York population and for the tens of thousands of first responders. Remember? The heroes  covered in White powder who day in day out went back to the “Pile”. First to find survivors and later to clean up what was the biggest ever “attack” on American soil. Apart that is from the attack on Pearl Harbour which finally swayed the American populace to engage in the second World War.

A majority of New Yorkers you see has the greatest doubts about the official version of events and wants a new investigation into what really happened that day. The New York Coalition for Accountability Now is a coalition of several different groups who are working together to force a new and independent investigation into the events of 911. They want no less than the creation of an independent and impartial subpoena powered investigation into the September 11th attacks on our great nation.

These are some of their Signatories.

All throughout the US tens of thousands of first responders are ill or dying due to the toxic dust they breated in during the “attacks”. They have no healthcare to speak of.

Once again New Zeland is asked to send troops in harms way, in a war that could only be started as the result of the very dubious attacks on 911. We owe it to the New Yorkers, to the First responders and to the troops we are asking to risk their lives in a “possibly” illegal war of agression to support the daunting task of the courageous people who organized NYCCAN in their guest for the truth.

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