Dear Mrs. and Mr Weatherston, your psycho son stabbed her 216 times and sliced her ears off.

Clayton Weatherston’s parents Yuleen and Roger haven’t ruled out an appeal against his conviction, telling the Herald on Sunday there were “untruths” that needed correction

Tumeke wrote the the original title:  Mate you sliced her ears off. 1,2 and 3.

I don’t know what’s worse;  To have a narcissistic anti social personality disorder genius projecting all his own evil on a 22 year old very dead girl whom he visited with a knife and stabbed to death with 216 stabs and whose ears he cut off and whose genitals he mutilated while her mother fought to get into the room to help her daughter or to hear his parents say he was telling the truth and they are not yet ruling out appealing Weatherston’s conviction.

What the hell?

If you want to know how they raised this psycho just take the to reactions of the father and the mother.

Dad pouring in the toxic shame. Always in the attack and angry says, “We were ambushed in the foyer”.
For fuck’s sake the mother of the girl your son murdered was generous enough to show you some compassion and this is what you have to say? Mate, you may not have been there physically but in his mind you were there holding the knife with him, you angry sad little piece of white trash.

And mum enabling her husband and her son’s narcisistic anti social personality disorders. She said winginly, passively agessive and no doubt happy to have her husband express  her anger at being twarted for her, “You know, it’s done now, but to be honest I was sort of walking in a daze.”
Darling how can I put this; as a mother you should have been in tears. You should have been hugging this woman, also like you a mother of a child she loved dearly and whose life had been taken by your son, like you life depended on it. In fact you might say your life as you know it did depend on it if you belief in the old Christian adage of forgiveness. You should have been crying and asking her time and again to forgive you and you miserable family and you horrible horrible son and you should have been wailing in dispair and revelling in the moment that you, you miserable wretch, had been shown the forgiveness and the empathy and compassion  of a truly amazing human being: A mother whose child was murdered without a sign of emotion by your offspring.

The fact that you reacted the way that you and your husband did shows how much of making a truly evil sociopath is part of the the nurture part of things. That and the unhealthy genes you and your husband choose to bring together of course.

Fucking hell, people like this piss me off.

Clayton is an extremely honest and sensitive person.Yuleen Weatherston
Yuleen Weatherston is realistic: “We are not out there looking for any glory or any sympathy.”

After their son’s murder conviction this week, Yuleen and Roger Weatherston have retreated to their home in Dunedin’s Green Island, trying to reconcile themselves to the fact that the son they love is probably New Zealand’s most reviled man.

But despite the potential for a public backlash, despite their acceptance that Clayton Weatherston did brutally kill 22-year-old Sophie, the two are still determined to uphold a few vestiges of their son’s reputation.

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