Bowe Bergdahl, an adventurer and gentleman. Yeah right.

So what made this ballet dancing, strong as an ox “wanting adventure” gentleman equate the murderous illegal war in Afghanistan where hundreds if not thousands of people are killed who wanted nothing to do with the adventure craving mindless idiots from the US with an “adventure”?

Nice smart guys don’t think that taking part in any war is an adventure. They think it’s a crime. Nice smart guys think that a camping holiday in yellow stone park is an adventure or going to the Amazon to take photo’s of pythons or climb a big old mountain or visiting the Dalai Lama.

The one thing they would not be seen dead (no pun intended) in is an illegal war of aggression. To be shot or shoot other people.

Only dumbed down computer game playing numb sculls would think that war is and “adventure”.


He was a seeker, a hard worker, a man raised in a small town, an avid outdoorsman who took ballet lessons.

By the age of 23, he had learned to navigate the high seas on an expedition that took him from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

He didn’t care for cars, choosing to bike to and from odd jobs he worked to pay for his travels, friends say.

“He’s a good kid,” said his hometown buddy Dylan Fulmer. “Strong as an ox.”

While working on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska, Bergdahl told Fulmer he was dreaming of riding his motorcycle around the world.

“This kid is crazy,” laughed Fulmer, recalling his reaction to his friend’s ambitions. “There’s no land all the way around the world. Then he explained the whole boat process. Biking around the world, that’s one heckuva feat right there.”

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