Baxter, swine flu, Vaccine Patents and billion of dollars.

It has become personal. I’m in bed with a suspected case of Swine flu and have vomited my guts out for a day and only Tamiflu and Ibuproven keep me feeling like a human being with a shot at life.

So when I keep reading about a certain big corporate vaccine developer and the billion it stands to gain together with a whole slew of other big corporations I get curious.

Let’s for example have a look at Baxter. The name Baxter first emerged in my universe when it was reported in the times of India in December 2008 to have send “erroneously” a batch of ordinary human H3N2 flu, altered so it couldn’t replicate, to Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, also in Austria. In February, a lab in the Czech Republic working for Avir alerted Baxter that, unexpectedly, ferrets inoculated with the sample had died. It turned out the sample contained live H5N1, which Baxter uses to make vaccine.

H5N1 is a particularly violent bird flu virus. So how the hell did that happen?

Now this same corporation is working on a swine flu vaccine. Why is a corporation with a proven track record of to say the least negligence entrusted with developing a vaccine that will be used to immunise just about the entire world population and which will make them billions.

A vaccine that has proven deadly for Polish homeless used in the test runs.

And did I tell you that it is pregnant women and Aborigines in Australia who have the doubtful honour to be the first to have the vaccine tested out on them outside of east Europe?

And did I tell you that all Swine flu vaccine makers now have been declared legally immune against any lawsuits that result from any new “Swine Flu” vaccine.

Somehow that does not make me feel any saver, how about you.

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