2025 taskforce: ‘Privatisation agenda’? No, worse!

Forget the left right paradigm. That is just an invention of the ruling class to keep you and me fighting. Let’s make it about the robber class and the robbed class. Let’s make this about the international banking elite and the rest of us. Let’s make this about the federal reserve system and the fact that there is only money if there is debt. Debt to the international banksters and the fact that we have to pay interest on money made out of thin air. Let make it about that. A small elite stealing our wealth. Us the workers, the salt of the earth and if they can help it their slaves.

Don Brash is as bankster as it comes and this is what John Key was told to do. Get the banksters their control and you will live happily ever after in paradise Hawaii.

What’s next? A devastating control grid. Every little detail about you in the data banks, and a global currency. The new world order. End game.

Left leaning parties have opposed the expected appointment of former National leader Don Brash as head of a productivity taskforce.

Labour and the Greens today criticised the expected announcement that Dr Brash, also a previous Reserve Bank governor, would chair a taskforce to work on ways to close the productivity gap between New Zealand and Australia.

ACT leader Rodney Hide said last month the Government had agreed to establish the taskforce, which was his party’s policy.

The 2025 taskforce would aim to match Australia’s productivity by that date.

Labour leader Phil Goff said the appointment showed a privatisation agenda.

“(Dr Brash) has been very frank about his support for privatisation and a right wing ideology to govern the direction this country moves in.

“You might have a smiling face at the front but behind that you’ve got the real face of what National party ideology is about.”

He said the Government was promoting a privatisation agenda.

“We’re seeing a set of Trojan horses set up by the National government aimed to achieve privatisation,” he said.

“The comments that (Treasury secretary) John Whitehead has been making have not been made without permission and the support of the National Government.”

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