What Happened To Sophia Shafquat Aka Sophia Smallstorm?

I thought I’d help spread the request around. Anybody knows anything go to the forum of Pilots for 911 truth and help find her.

Sophia Smallstorm is the maker of the very well made documentary movie “9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions“. (Well worth watching if you have never seen it and even if you have seen it.)

After I had seen her work and how serious she is in treating the issue I donated money to help her for the production of the announced parts 2 and 3 of her docu-series. This was in spring of 2007 or so I guess.

In summer of last year I remembered her and started wondering why I had not heard of her for a long time. I went to her website 911 We know and had the impression that it did not change a lot since my last visit. I left a message via the contact form but nobody answered.

two to 3 weeks ago (so about another 9 months later) I still had not seen any report on her or her work and so decided to check out her website again. I again had the impression that the site is somehow abandoned and left again a message. no response at all.

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12 thoughts on “What Happened To Sophia Shafquat Aka Sophia Smallstorm?

    • Thanks for update. Good to see she’s still going strong- finishing vid later on.CTs are obscene- ‘They’ve’ been running them on for years- blatant GeoEng for lurky aims.
      Anti democratic criminal activity.

  1. This is some very sick biological engineering, from so called human beings. But I believe these so called humans are, and have reptile connections. A normal human being, will appreciate the beauty of nature, i.e our blue skies which have now disappeared due to chemical spraying, appreciate the beauty of our nature. No normal human could do what is being done to another human being. No, these individuals, are depraved creatures, that are unidentifiable with the normal human species.
    Even our governments say nothing, which means that they are heavily involved with this planetry distruction.
    This is a wake up call to open your bible, repent, and follow the word of God.
    Our world that we once knew has ended. We are now entering a new era, where our natural world is being destroyed. I never thought I would see this day. This is hell, and only Jesus can save us. And by the way, his second coming is not far away. So, be warned.

  2. This is pretty scary and why the hell are people not aware of what is going on? This video needs to be widely publicised.

  3. The movie “9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions“ is not more available on Youtube; can some body help me to find it?
    Sorry no email addresses as they attract spam bots
    Thank’s very much


  4. It is very concerning about Sophia. I hope she hass not met her fate like, John Lennon, Edward Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and other people who have dared to stand up against the evils of this world, i.e, the American government (CIA, Nasa, Nato (Nazi, anti- human, terrorist organization)

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