So you want a bigger war but your population is growing tired, weary and just plain bored with the whole thing

Not only is your population distracted by the imploding economy but they are getting angry because your bankster mates are looting what is left of an impoverished and down trodden population and they are getting sick of your wars.

Well, here is what you do.

You make sure that THE enemy (the enemy you created and which has kept you population in fear and submission) has enough weapons to re-emerge as the stronger party then you starve your troops from the material they need to survive and sure enough young people start to die.

This is where it helps if you owned all the mainstream media outlets because first you soften your population up with a “Pandemic” to make them feel very scared and insecure, a technique called the Shock doctrine and than you slam hundreds of photo’s of coffins of those young boys who died, call them hero’s and if you can get a royal in there to harvest all that grief and the need to put our Nationalistic loyalties so much the better.

Next you want all that new found Nationalistic hysteria to be directed somewhere and hey presto up come the photo’s of fanatical clerics and their young followers. I’m sure there are fanatical clerics as there are fanatical Rabbi’s and Christian Ministers but the seeds will only grow if they fall in rich soil. How to do that? Simple, have your police stop a lot of young Muslim males in the streets and sure enough some of them will take to violence.

Any way the next step into expanding the war is to have a couple of Military hawks start screaming for more and better equipment to help our heroic boys defending the homeland halfway across the world in a god forsaken desert and have you MSM put those rants on the front page and trust me you will have no problem pushing a widening of the war. You’ll have the plebs baying for blood, Trust me, that’s how they’ve always done it.

And if some of your traditional alleys think they can escape their “duty” think again. All it takes is a couple of bombs planted in the right locations such as Indonesia where a lot of Aussies and Kiwi’s travel will get them in line pretty swiftly too. All you need is a photo of a brown person and the mention of the “hydra” network of  terror ists and sob story about how this elderly gentlemen was like a father to the people of Indonesia and how they repaid him with a brutal death and here, they too will start baying for blood.

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