Climate Change and Carbon tax: Somebody is going to make a lot of money.

I am moving to a house on a hill. Against knowing better we bought it because we have had too many nutty landlords and never want to rent again.

We, hubby and I, are also moving into that house to start building a food forest for ourselves. A self sustaining mini ecosystem that will provide us with our food.
From Vegetables, Carbs to Animal protein all coming from the few acres around our house. We are going to attempt to be self sufficient in energy too by harvesting water, solar and wind energy. No food miles involved and carbon absorbing.

I think I do my duty with regards to our mother Gaia in helping her heal some of the damage we as humans have done to her for so long.

So bear with me when I say that I have come to the conclusion that the global warming theory is absolute and total Bull Shit or perhaps I should say spontaneous bovine CO2 and Methane emission.

There are plenty of real problems caused by us humans which need serious addressing and we as a species are totally out of control in our greedy and relentless destruction of the very planet we live on but we do not change the climate.

Let me correct that. There is plenty of weather modification going on but us breathing out, bovine flatulence or even car exhaust are not what causes the Climate to change.

I have come full circle on this and trust me I was fully convinced that our behaviour was climate changing but then Al Gore gave away his election in favour of George Bush, 9/11 happened and the US destroyed two countries with illegal wars and is expanding that destruction to a third.

On 9/11 three buildings pulverised to pyroclastic dust because, so we were told, two planes flew, flown by mad Arabic terrorists, into them and never mind that all of Newtons laws of motion were broken on that day.

NIST (National institute for Science and technology) scientists tell us that office fires turned a building of 47 floors twice reinforced to withstand a nuclear impact into a pyroclastic flow and allowed to the building to collapse into it’s own footprint and asks us to believe their baloney because they are scientists.

So excuse me if I have developed a healthy disregard for what scientists tell me. Even more so when I find out that a lot of those scientists are financed by say the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds through their “charitable” enterprises.

Last week John Key, who is notoriously known for being a climate change “denier” announced that he is now firmly convinced that “Climate change” was upon us and that it was caused by people and that we had to go with the rest of the planet in preventing disaster. Huh?

Oh wait… he was a banker in his previous life, wasn’t he? Let me guess; somebody is going to earn a lot of money out of this and why do I get the feeling it ain’t us, the hoi palloi?

Now let me have a look see in the last 10years oh… What do I find?

That ex-presidential candidate Al Gore, who gave up the presidency with astonishing ease after Bush claimed victory even though it was clear that the vote was rigged, started to tour with a diddy called “An inconvenient truth”  after he had taken some time of.

He had become convinced so he told us that the world was heading for a climatological Armageddon and spend months ney years on tour telling us that we would have to severely curtail our standard of living if we wanted to survice “Global warming”. Global warming was going to destroy our planet and turn it into a desert and we all caused that by our consumption of fossil fuel and other CO2 liberating practices. He was very convincing and so was his video. The whole world fell for it and we all thought the sun shone out of his noble ecowarrior ass. In fact recently he compared fighting Climate change with fighting the Nazi’s. The mass media treated him like a rockstar. Extraordinary.

Villagers walking across white fields

Global warming. Thats what they called it then but when it turned out that for the first time ever snow was falling in Africa and Saudi Arabia that was changed smartly in “Climate change”.

So you would think that Al baby would have made provisions to make sure that he was living an examplatory  low emission lifestyle wouldn’t you. Hmm? Straw bail house, solar water heating, small electrical vehicle? You know?

Perhaps a food forest in the backyard and a rain water collector by the back door.

Well actually, no he didn’t!

Al Gore’s house has a 20 x bigger Carbon foot print than the average American family, drives a big car, flies around the world with a whole slew of Assistants and last year his energy bill got even bigger but, and here comes the crux: He doesn’t have to worry.

Why? Because he buys carbon credits!

That’s right C a r b o n  c r e d i t s.

You see while we were sleeping and mindlessly consuming the crap we were told we needed badly, Al Gore and his Bankster Elitist mates came up with the solution for “Climate change”.

The Solution? Damn, it’s so simple I wish I had come up with that one: You can continue as before, no problem there but you have to buy carbon credits.

Carbon credits, for those of you new to the subject, are an “investment” in a carbon reducing activity. You don’t know what that means? Well, neither do I. Unless it means replanting all the rain forests we stole from indigenous people of the last couple of hundred years I haven’t got a clue what they are talking about but what I do know is that it’s going to cost all of us a lot of money.

What I do know is that Al Gore is talking out of his proverbial backside and what I also do know is that Carbon credits is going to make him and his banking buddies a lot of money and it will do diddly squat to restore a destroyed planet. Destroyed by the way by the same people who are now going to force us to buy Carbon credits.

In fact he started this neat little Carbon credit company called Generation Investment Management together with Barclays, BP, Calyon, Endesa, Fortis, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Shell to name a few and he pays to that Carbon credit company for his carbon credits and he has already earned some $100 million with that little carbon credit company and who co-owns it? Oh oops, Not bad for a guy who worth $ 2 million tops when he left the white house in 2000. Not bad at all.

In fact Obama helped to get financing for the very same Gore and mates so they could profit from the energy bill he is now ramming through congress.

Now I’m fully aware that as I said in the beginning that we as a species have caused plenty of very real and devastating problems. We have for example caused a pile of plastic floating in the pacific from California to Japan. We have caused huge toxic lakes mining Gold, poisoned the middle east and Afghanistan with Depleted Uranium and Tungsten for eternity, we have eroded most of the topsoil build over the billions of years to almost nil and I’m sure there is more CO2 in the atmosphere then there should be because the trees and the plants needed to absorb that gas are all gone because we destroyed the rain forests so I know that the way we have been living is unsustainable. There is no denying that.

This world simply wasn’t designed to carry the load of 6-7 billion human beings hell bent on consuming everything the world has to offer but when our Global elite tells us that if we pay, what I would loosely term, a tax on our carbon emissions the world will be saved I get really suspicious.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that we have to pay to breath out? I mean excuse me? I have to pay tax because I breath CO2 out? You’ve got be kidding me, eh?

I’m sorry guys but I ain’t buying.

I tell you what I think about Carbon Credits; I think that Climate Change is a load of bunkum. I think that the same banking elite that has been robbing the worlds population of trillions of dollars in the last year alone realise that it’s going to end real ugly.

And while I admire Lovelock who wrote the Gaia Theory, a most wonderful book that taught me lots, and he is still firmly convinced that Climate change is real even he says that the Carbon Credit tax is a scam.

I think that they know or perhaps even engineered it so that it is going to end in mass starvation, destructive wars for resources and that we as a species have reached the pinnacle of our species ability to expand and that it’s all downward from here and they don’t give a flying fuck about that but they do give a flying fuck about stealing us blind before the big collapse comes and a very good way to do that is to tax our every exhale and that of our life stock before we all die off.

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