Tony Blair: ‘I’m a planet-saving kinda guy’

Doesn’t this guy make you want to puke? First he colludes with that other nauseating criminal George Bush and their Bankster scumbag mates to invade two countries and shoots the crap out of them with Depeleted Uranium and Tungsten polluting these two countries for eternity. Than he flies around the world making loads of money with a huge carbon footprint and now he has a new idea.

You (that’s the rest of the world) pay loads of “Carbon” tax to the Banksters and I and my banking mates keep on living it up.

The silence from Tony Blair is so long it’s embarrassing. He has just spent 15 minutes enthusing about his new global report about how technology can help the world to combat climate change when the obvious question arose: what has he done to make his own life more sustainable?

Er . . . (long silence) . . . “We’ve got solar panels on our house.” Which one (he has a handful)? “The London one.”

Another long silence, then an aide mentions the offsets: “Ah yes, we offset our travel, too.” More silence: “And we have some home insulation.”

It is an awkward interlude. Blair is about to launch himself onto the world stage in yet another new role: as an evangelist for world-saving green technology.

Tomorrow he will launch Technology for a Low Carbon Future, a report put together with the Climate Group, setting out his arguments. Since it has been months in the making, the lack of prepared answers about his own life is odd.

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