Five guilty in exorcism case

I must admit that I have the greatest problem with this case. Her whanau was essentially waterboarding her. According to the US this is not torture but it killed her real dead.

What in the world would drive a family to do this to one of their own?

Five of the eight people accused of manslaughter over the drowning of a mother-of-two during a ceremony to lift a curse were found guilty late last night.

Janet Moses, 22, of Wainuiomata died on October 12, 2007, after attempts to lift a makutu on her.

The eight people accused of killing her were all whanau.

Those found guilty were John Tahana Rawiri, 49, Tanginoa Apanui, 42, Angela Orupe, 36, Aroha Gwendoline Wharepapa, 48, and Glenys Lynette Wright, 52.

Hall Jones Wharepapa, 46, Gaylene Tangiohororere Kepa, 44, and Alfred Hughes Kepa, 48, were found not guilty. A ninth defendant, Georgina Rawiri, was discharged on Wednesday.

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