Bloggers block

It’s official, I suffer from bloggers block. I can’t seem to blog any more.

At this moment I have a whopping 190 links open and I read them all as I have done for the last two years and none of them seems remotely worth linking to or ranting about. What’s more my inspiration to blog seems to have all but evaporated. The torrent of drive to tell people about 911, banksters, geopolitics and other assorted subjects has dried up to a dribble. I’m reading celebrity gossip and think what the hell am I doing behind this computer.

The numbers of readers is dropping as I have not put anything note worthy on this blog for about a month and I can’t find the motivation to start again. It is true, events in the real world have taken up a lot of my time but not enough to stop me from opening my daily number of links and keeping up with world events. The Standard accusing  Kiwiblog of being just news aggregator didn’t help. I do that too and what of it?

Does that make it any less of a personal blog? I feel passionately about the subjects I link too and feel that not enough of it appears in the main stream media and as such deserves to be published and linked to as much as possible.

Not that I blame the Standard for my bloggers blog though that comes from somewhere inside. There is a little voice inside of me that says, “why bother?”.

That says, “who gives a flying fuck?”

“Get a life.”

Who gives a flying fuck that 20.000 Tamils have been mass murdered or that Dick Cheney just tells Fox that there was never any link between 911 and the attack on Iraq. What the fuck? Why did 1.5 million Iraqis have to die 4 million be displaced and 4000 American soldiers have to die and tens of thousands of Americans come home wounded, disfigured and suffer from PTSD and trust me I know how bad that feels.

Of course Bernanke and Paulson committed bank fraud crimes it’s what bankers do just as they lie, backroom wheeler dealer, avoid accountability who gives a flying fuck.

No what is really important is that Paris Hilton wore a brown wig and that Pixie Geldof while wearing the most ridiculous shoes ever, with her worlds most glamourous women goody bag tightly grasped and drunk as a skunk falls over after a night of partying .

Sigh. I think I’m going to clean the driveway. The sun’s out and the temperature’s come up to a point where I can actually function.

Oh, by the way, there was nano thermite in the dust from the World Trade towers. Minor detail I know but I sure as shit would like to know how it got in there.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers block

  1. So this is it your just gonna walk on out of here, So you’re not a real info warrior after all, you’re a SPY!

    • Being kicked out of you house without a reason and having real live shit happening is a bitch mate.
      But real life sometimes really interferes with being an info warrior. I’m sorry you think I’m a SPY. LOL.

  2. I give a flying fuck. Take a break. It’s the start of winter after all. Get out a bit and around the country or overseas. Most importantly take heart from the fact that the mask is beginning to slip from Shonkey Jonkey and that Obama is not a total flake. Talk to some young people they are not impressed by globalisation they deserve to be informed and encouraged. What you do matters. Especially to info junkies like me.

  3. Ordinary paper writers have long suffered from this problem.

    It’s not a mystery or unexpected.

    The normal cure is a sabbatical. Stop reading other’s material and get out there and experience some real world (ie travel). Go meet some bankers, visit Brussels & Ground Zero. Go and talk to Nicky Harger, Russell Brown and a bunch of people in Wellington.

    Refill your drive and creative reservoir.

    Just because you publish in an instant electronic medium shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break. There are plenty of bloggers. The quality, depth, accuracy and originality of your content is far more important than it’s frequency. You’re right, don’t aggregate it adds little value.

    Who cares? I care. I want you to uncover real issues, and expose them. To participate in transparency. It is far harder to build good, positive confident things, than throw mud and tear things down.

    Inspire the people, to understand the corruptness of power, the pervasiveness of greed, the dominance of psychopaths, and equip them to deal with these often unseen forces influencing our lives.

    • I don’t know who you are and maybe it’s not that important but you have no idea what your comment means to me. Thank you a thousand times.

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