Let the countdown begin: Mass murdering bankster “boy” calls ex-bankster MP.

As I write this I have 196 tabs open and each and every link is worth publishing. This happens a lot these days as the economic collapse accelerates and the banking elites brutal power grab becomes more and more obvious as they no longer bother to hide their goals.

With Secretary of treasure and Ex President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Timothy Geithner and Google’s CEO attending the unelected power elite Bilderberg meeting in Athens it should be clear who runs this planet. Let me give you a hint; it’s not our legally elected representatives.

Yesterday, “yes, we can” mass murderer Barack “Change” Obama called “Slippery” John “Smiling Assassin” Key and told him he could call him Barrack. Wahey, two Hawaii lovers on a first name basis. So why did Barack (I took the liberty of extending the first name invitation to my humble person) call Johnny boy?

Why did the man elected by the Bilderbergers in Virginia 2008 to spearhead the banking coup in the US and the man who instead of keeping his election promises is betraying the American and world population by extending the Bush policies and is in fact surging all war efforts and mass bombing innocent children and women and nominating Cheney’s attack dog and assassination squad leader to run the Afghan war efforts rather than stop them as he promised, calling the NZ MP?

Oh yeah right, free trade.

The US is bankrupt, foreclosures and poverty are at an all time high and the US produces nothing we need or want and we are talking free trade?

I’ll tell you what Barack calling Johnny: The countdown to New Zealand finally becoming a colony to the Banking elite that rules London and the US. It means Nuclear power and American army bases on these islands.

And that is only twelve of those links.

Welcome to the new world order.

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