Chinese Economy Seems to be Growing

One of the reasons people believe the “worst is behind us” is because the Chinese economy seems to be growing.

This from the Financial Times:

“Perhaps more than any major economy, China is showing signs of improvement, writes Geoff Dyer. Indicators suggest that the economy began to recover in March with industrial production rising 8.3 per cent from 2.8 per cent in January-February.

“But could it all be a bit of false hope? Could we, in fact, be misinterpreting a temporary stimulus-induced economic pick-me-up as an actual sustainable recovery?”

China says it is growing. But if it were really growing it would be using more fuel and more electricity. Instead, industrial demand for gasoil, used by factories and commercial plants, fell 12.6% in the first quarter.

Our old friend Sean Corrigan, chief investment strategist over at Diapason Commodities, also points out that electricity generation has been going down too. The last seven months’ power output has been 8.5% below that of a year ago.

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