Police Terror Stops Occur Every Three Minutes In London

Some 10 years ago I and my husband visited London. We were staying with friends and we decided to take a sight seeing trip in the evening. We drove our old 2CV to the city and parked close to the St. Pauls cathedral which like many of the most beautiful buildings throughout Europe was lit beautifully and we proceeded to walk around the cathedral. We were discussing the building and having a generally grand old touristy time when a City (seperate from the rest of London) police car drove up to us and two police officers stepped out. They asked us what we were doing and slightly taken aback we told them that we were admiring the Cathedral. Well, clearly that was not good enough and we were ordered to identify ourselves, which we did, get back to our car and leave the city. Were we Irish or known to the police as activists?

No, we were Dutch and Kiwi on a short visit to English friends both of whom were legally employed middle class people on a tourist sightseeing trip.

It was my first and so far only confrontation with a camera guarded police state. The police followed u until we had left the city. Very scary and unnerving. Now this happens to people every three minutes in the entirety of London. Not to mention the rest of England.

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