911, Swine flu and 747’s in the sky

Let me explain something to you about trauma triggers. A trauma trigger is an event which reignites trauma. Let me  give you an example.

You have seen someone killed in an horrific traffic accident. It has taken you months to get over it and you no longer have nightmares about the event and you actually manage to concentrate on your work again and then one day you drive past a car wrecker just at the moment a crane lets go of a car wreck and drops it onto another car wreck. The sound, the smell and perhaps even the fact that it was drizzling the same way it was on the day you saw the accident remind you of the accident. In fact it is so intense and sudden that your whole body starts to shake just like on that day. All the factors that ignited that response are trauma triggers.

Now imagine you are a New Yorker and you were in New York on the day of 911 and it took you years to be able to look at the spot that once housed the Twin Towers and your cousin is dying of asbestosis and the children in the school that your daughter attends have Astma related to the events of 911 or God forbid you were one of the ones who got out of the towers alive. All and of themselves to be suffering from 911 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What you reckon is going to happen when a 747 accompanied by a US fighter jet circles above Manhattan (one of the most secure airspaces in the world) for 30 minutes unannounced.

In the Pentagon they has a special department for these sort of operations. It’s called the Psyops department and they are specialised in Psychological warfare.

Flu Pandemic, 911 fear, and an economic collapse. I reckon the Banksters are getting at tad nervous.

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