WWIII alert: US kicks Iran war prep into high gear

Just days after the top US commander sketched out plans to strike Iran, the US military claims Tehran sent a drone into Iraq in February.

The US military on Monday claimed that American jets had shot down an Iranian unmanned surveillance aircraft 97 kilometers northeast of Baghdad in February.

The Ababil 3 was tracked for about 70 minutes before it was shot down “well inside Iraqi airspace”, reads a statement from the army.

The statement also suggests that the aircraft’s presence over Iraq “was not an accident”.

The US claim comes just two days after Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke of the next possible US target — Iran.

“What I worry about in terms of an attack on Iran is in addition to the immediate effect, the effect of the attack, it’s the unintended consequences,” Mullen said.

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