NZ plugged into secret internet

I want to assure you that New Zealand does nothing in secret, does nothing behind it’s citizens back and that the government does not partake in secret spying organisations and above all they do not conspire.

A leaked American study into military actions in Afghanistan reveals New Zealand is quietly plugged into the world’s most secret internet allowing access to the Pentagon’s battle plans at strategic and tactical level. It’s known as the “Secret Internet Protocol Router Network” or SIPRNET, a sophisticated alternative to the Internet which allows even New Zealand frigates and armoured vehicles access to material seen on general’s desks in Washington, London and Canberra.

New Zealand’s place in the network has been incidentally revealed by whistleblower Wikileaks, which published a Rand Corporation 318 study into intelligence operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Terming it the new “Pentagon Papers” Wikileaks says the study into counter-insurgency is a notable news and policy source for its wealth of candid and revealing interview quotes which are spread throughout the document.

The Pentagon Papers, a study of the US war in Vietnam, were leaked in 1971 and substantially changed the conduct of the war and helped bring down President Richard Nixon.

As well as New Zealand’s SIPRNET place the new study offers insights into praise for Australian and New Zealand intervention in the Solomon Islands and the revelation that one of the best military sources for Arabic speakers is the Fijian Army.

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