Some background on Lord Ashcroft

To most New Zealanders Michael Ashcroft is the guy who forked out $ 200,000,- to buy back some old war medals and since most Pakeha and Maori folk still believe that they are fighting in just wars whenever the US calls on them to sacrifice some more young people that immediately bought him the goodwill of every gullible Kiwi of which there are plenty. And so when John Key announced last week that Lord Ashcroft in his imperial goodness found it in his heart to come over and have a wee chat with our esteemed Prime Minister nobody thought any thing of it in fact when Lord Aschroft let it be known that he wanted to initiate an anti crime phoneline where people could phone into anonymously they all thought that that was real swell.

However philantrophy is not all the Lord does. In fact Philantrophy is only a tiny sideline.
Among his many endeavors is financing the Tory party being their backroom strategist and he is a Banker. In fact he owns a bank in Belize but more importantly he is a major share holder n a group known as the Carlyle group. Now for those of you who don’t know that the Carlyle group is and what it does it pays to watch the documentary below. Dont worry, only the introduction is in Dutch, the documentary is in English and well worth watching.

To watch it is to understand that with Lord Ashcroft the eye of Mordor has come to New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Some background on Lord Ashcroft

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