Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Once again a brave group of highly trained professionals calls for a new and independent investigation into the events of 911.

At this moment over 70.000 people of over 50.000 where the heroic first responders who risked and probably lost their lives as it turns out when they responded to the mayday calls on the September 9 2001. They worked non stop to find survivors and to help wherever they could for months and they are paying a heavy toll.

They breathed in the buildings when they came down in a pyroclastic flow and in the weeks after they breated in the toxic fumes, the asbestos, the heavy metals and other carcinogenics.

Now a group of highly trained medics confronted with the evidence and the result in illnesses from that day have united in order to give voice to the thousands of medical personel who are fighting to save lives and who want answers to the many guestions that remain.

Among them people such as:

Jonathan Weisbuch, MD,MPH
Former Chief Health Officer
States of Wyoming and North Dakota
Joined February 24, 2009

Michael D. Knox, PhD
Distinguished Professor
College of Public Health
University of South Florida
Joined February 24, 2009

Fred Burks, RN
Registered Nurse
Former interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton
Joined February 24, 2009

To name but a few.

Visit their website and give them your support.

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