Army shifts $2m contract to China

I don’t have any sympathy for armies and their suppliers they are as far as I am concerned merchants of death but isn’t it typical that while the global economy is collapsing and job after job after job is disappearing that the very group who is supposed to defend New Zealand and it’s population chooses to dump the very people they are supposed to defend in it and  shop abroad for better deals and this while our government states that unemployment is their single biggest issue.

A small-town clothing manufacturer has been dealt a blow on the eve of the Government’s jobs summit after being told a $2 million contract to supply the army is shifting to China.

Levin’s Swazi Apparel has made wet-weather gear for troops for the past three years, but the Defence Force says his contact will be cut by 93 per cent – more than $1.9 million – this year.

Swazi owner Davey Hughes said he had been told the work was going to China. He was “saddened and deeply disillusioned”.

“For a small town like Levin, that is a big chunk of work to lose. As a New Zealander, I feel deeply betrayed. As an employer, I am lost for words to deliver my staff.”

News of the contract cut comes a day before the much-heralded summit called by Prime Minister John Key to find ways to protect jobs as the recession deepens.

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