Groups upset at missing out on Jobs Summit

Of the 194 invites a whopping 118 represent big business. Big business is international business. Of the 194 only 20 are Maori, 30 are women and none is Labour which if I’m correct was voted for by more than 30% of the population. Now that would be a source of discontent I would imagine to the nice middle class and the working class.

Community groups and some small business sectors are upset that they have been left off the invitation list for Prime Minister John Key’s Jobs Summit in Manukau on Friday.

The guest list, released on Monday night, includes only three people from the community sector: Auckland City Missioner Diane Robertson, Salvation Army social services director Campbell Roberts and a policy adviser for the disability group DPA, Wendi Wicks.

Instead, 118 of the 194 invited are from the business sector – mostly from big businesses (62) and finance (22), but including 30 from smaller businesses and sector groups and four from state-owned enterprises.

The rest are from central and local government, education and training organisations, unions, iwi groups and a handful of academics and researchers.

The list includes 165 men and just 30 women. At least 20 are Maori, but only two are known to be of part-Pacific Island heritage: Rick Fala of the tap maker Methven and NZ Super Fund chief executive Adrian Orr.

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