Despotism 101: Communist Officials Train to Disperse Unrest

It seems that the simple method of dispersing unrest with brutal police force is no longer expected to do the trick so the Chinese leaders are going back to school. Their course? How to manipulate and disperse unrest by any other means.

The directors of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) some 3,000 county level Public Security Bureaus are set to go through a training course on quashing mass dissent.

According to Radio Free Asia, the first group, consisting of 450 directors, arrived Wednesday in Beijing for a 10-day course. A further 6 sessions, which are expected to last half a year, have been planned for the remaining 2,630 bureau directors, according to an announcement on the communist regime’s website for the Ministry of Public Security.

In communist China, apart from what could be considered the normal government, at every level, there exist the communist party secretaries. Not long ago, the county-level secretaries of the communist party received this training and now the directors’ of public security get their turn.

That the Chinese regime is going to such lengths to train county level entities on counter-unrest measures shows its anxiety about the current societal stability in China, says social analyst Liu Xiaozhu says.

“In the past, top communist party officials would let the local police quell the unrest, with any means,” said Liu. “Recently across the country the mass incidents of unrest have been taking place on larger scales—many have spread across different areas—and this trend has gained momentum… simple crackdowns may not work too well anymore.“

“Top officials have begun to realize how serious the unrests have turned out to be. Currently if the usual suppression tactics are used, most likely an even larger scale incident would occur and this could even spread into nationwide turmoil,” Liu says.

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